About  Bergen Daycations   

Bergen Daycations leads guests by caravan or by bicycle to surprising North Jersey attractions.

 You will   view your towns  in a new way and conclude "There is no place like home."   If you are visiting from a distance, you will conclude  "Bergen County is a magical resort."  


You will hear dramatic stories of 300 years of settlement.   Your guide won't be afraid to venture into the dark underbelly of our communities if it produces laughs.



Paul Boddy, the director of Bergen Daycations, for 20 years was a

tour operator  and guide focused on New York City.

He believes we live in the greatest suburbs in the world.  

Paul was the recreation director for Bogota for ten years.  He has won eight Moth Story Slams and no Frisbee Golf Championships.


         Examples of humor available on tour

    Bicycle Story at 15:40

  On the Lehigh Canal Bike Trail                            After seeing this sign, I stayed alert

for dangerous reptiles.  I wound up

running into a swinging fence.

Gater Ahead
Ridgewood Tour Daisee Peas in Cans.JPG

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